Nguyen Hoai Thuong
Fullstack Web Developer
  • Age:24 years old
  • From: Vietnam
  • Address: Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Nguyen Hoai Thuong

I am a full-stack web developer with 4 years of experience with front-end, back-end, database, and server administration. I have extensive knowledge of Object-oriented programming, database & system design, and design patterns.

I am enthusiastic in joining an innovative team with whom I can learn, contribute, and take part in impactful projects using modern, cutting-edge technology. I am a dedicated, hard-working individual, an excellent team-player, and a tireless learner who has a thirst for new knowledge.

  • Web Development - Backend
  • Web Development - Frontend
  • Server Management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
Frontend Technologies
Programming Languages
  • HTML (HTML5, Pugjs)
  • CSS (CSS3, SCSS)
  • Javascript (ES5, ES6)
  • Markdown
Frameworks & Platform
  • ReactJS (1.5 year)
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
Tools & Others
  • Package Manage (yarn, npm)
  • Task runner, bundler (gulp, webpack)
  • WebSocket
Backend Technologies
Programming Languages
  • Node.js
  • PHP
Frameworks & Platform
  • Node.js (1.5 years)
  • Laravel (1 year)
  • CodeIgniter (1 year)
  • WordPress CMS (Plugins and Themes)
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
Server Technologies
Linux Distro
  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
Web Server
  • nginx
  • Apache
  • Bash Shell
  • Crontab

  • Good understanding about OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID principles...
  • Good understanding about software design, database design, RESTful API
  • Ability to deliver effective presentations and work collaboratively in teams to achieve common goals
  • Familiar with VCS like Git (Github, Bitbucket, Git Shell)
  • Familiar with *nix environement, CLI
  • Professional Career
    2017/12 - Now
    Techbase Vietnam
    Web Develop

    Responsibility: Developing applications for an advertisement branch of Yahoo Japan. The applications allow users to manage their advertisements which appear on many services of Yahoo Japan and Twitter by using React.js and Node.js.

    Projects: Yahoo!プロモーション広告

    2015 - 2017/11
    PHP Group International Vietnam
    Full-stack Develop

    Responsibility: Developing new applications to provide remote and hands-on technical support for PHP Insurance Services, Inc., Real Estate Join Stock Company PHP (PHPReal). Maintaining and continuing to develop existing applications.

    Projects: PHP Real CRM, Center4HR, The Western Capital Website, PHP Group VN Website

    FPT Aptech - FTP University
    Ho Chi Minh

    Program: ACCP i13

    Degree grade: Distinction

    PHP Real CRM

    A customized CRM which was built on Laravel to meet special requirements...


    An application that helps with tracking employees time records, ...

    The Western Capital

    A website introduces 3-million-dollar real estate project.

    PHP Group VN

    Company website for PHP Group International Vietnam

    Setting Up & Operating Servers

    At PHP Group VN, I was in charge of maintaining two servers running...

    HomeLab & Media Server

    This is just my hobbyist project at home when I had time...

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